Stage 3 & 4 Liver Tumors

*Chance to greatly reduce size of liver tumor(s) and removal within approximately six to seven weeks after commencing treatment.

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Conexus Care™

Liver Cancer Centers of America provides advanced cancer liver patients with a vast array of unique, yet effective cancer protocols for treating advanced hepatocellular cancer ("HCC") or metastatic liver cancer, regardless of stage. This treatment is unavailable within the United States and Canada at this time!

Conexus Care™ includes our #1 protocol, CoNexus - a "tumor-busting" cancer therapy, designed to destroy, shrink, reduce, or even primary and secondary tumors (HCC or Metastatic), which are often clasified as inoperable by many comprehensive cancer centers.

CoNexus consists of several non-toxic antigen enhancers, injected directly into the tumor(s) under precision CT guidance. This therapeutic procedure creates a systemic autoimmune response within the body to this particular cancer. This form of immunotherapy is far more targeted than conventional (US & Canada) chemotherapy or radiation, and offers the possibility for long-term control of cancer.

Treatments are typically administered during a two week consecutive time, requiring less than 45 minutes per treatment. This procedure is minimally invasive, and generally causes few, if any side effects. This procedure is often accompanied by unique neoadjuvant therapies that goes to benefit tumor reduction.


Conexus Care™ is formulated to serve three vitally important functions:

1. CoNexus

Destroy or greatly reduce late stage or inoperable liver tumors even when the tumor is classified inoperable by many well-intended Comprehensive Cancer Centers. This procedure is executed without causing collateral damage to surrounding tissue or organs, and able to enhance the immune system, rather than destroy it.

2. Tumor Vaccine Therapy

Hinders the spread of cancer cells (metastasis) using the tumor cancer cells to help create the patient's own vaccine. These autologous tumor antigens are designed specifically to enhance cancer cell death (apoptosis).

3. Dendritic Cancer Vaccine

Enhances Immune Cell Response by creating an autoimmune response in the body to this particular cancer. This vaccine also boosts the NK cells or Natural Killer cells.

All three protocols are specifically designed to better identify evasive cancer cells and help destroy, hamper or even reverse progressive tumor growth.



Injected Medicine Stays within tumor, never circulating throughout the body.

Conventional Chemotherapy


Circulates through the entire body, harming both good and bad cells.

What is Metastatic Liver Cancer?

Liver metastasis occurs when cancerous tumor cells spread to the liver from another part of the body. These tumor cells may often appear shortly after the primary tumor develops. Most liver metastases start as cancers in colon or rectum. Nearly 70% of patients with colorectal cancer develop liver metastases. This happens in part because blood from the intestines is connected directly to the liver through the portal vein. Although much less common, liver metastases can start from breast, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, lung, kidney or even skin cancer.

The progression of metastatic liver can be quite severe and abrupt, so treatment must commence as soon as possible after diagnosis. Some of the typical symptoms can be jaundice, abdominal pain, interrupted sleep patterns and Ascites. (Excess fluid filled with floating cancer cells that builds in the abdomen.)

Conexus Care™ Cancer Care

Integrative Cancer Therapy

Conexus Care™ is a total approach to the medical care of cancer patients, integrating profound progressive protocols with integrative and standard medicines.

Qualified Doctors

Our qualified team of physicians adheres to careful planning, understanding of our patients and commitment to the goal of long term survival for the cancer patient.

"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing healthcare environment."

Michel Baudry, PhD.
Dean, Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences at Western University of Health Sciences.

Why Liver Cancer Centers of America?

Conexus Care™ Liver Tumor Destruction

Liver Cancer Centers of America physicians provide personalized treatment programs focused on each patient and their need. These platforms include CoNexus and other advanced technologies developed to destroy (debulk) HCC and Metastatic Liver Cancer - those tumors that may be deemed inoperable in United States or Canada. Integrative oncology therapies fuse with these practices, often drawing on worldwide protocols to improve overall quality of life.

CoNexus was formulated as a cancer treatment protocol developed for decreasing overall tumor mass, while simultaneously enhancing the patient's immunological strength for maximizing suppression of metastases. Moreover, CoNexus is not adverse influence by size of tumor, number of tumors, or location(s) within the liver, which, again, is often not the case when using conventional standards of care.

CoNexus debulks liver tumors with minimal invasiveness and minimal collateral tissue damage.

Treatment in US/Canada or Mexico?

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Liver Cancer Centers of America believes that we have answered that question.

Our physicians focus on complementary treatment protocols built on a foundation that restores and uses the patient's biological resources.

Mexico is one of a handful of countries in the world that allows licensed physicians to adhere to a very special relationship between patient and doctor, thus encouraging the treating physician to use whatever means is necessary to help facilitate favorable patient outcome and recovery.

Our physicians very often formulate medicines unique to that particular cancer at our own compounding pharmacy. In addition, their tool kit is filled with a vast array of cancer fighting "tools" generally unavailable to US/Canada physicians.

Liver Cancer Centers of America physicians offer safe and effective cancer treatments that have undergone rigorous clinical studies, trials and practices undertaken in such notable medical meccas as Germany, Cuba, South Korea, China, and of course America and Mexico.

Satisfied Liver Cancer Patient

* 2-year Post Treatment

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Liver Cancer Centers of America

Liver Cancer Centers of America

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